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Eco-Friendly 3-Compartment Takeout Box

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About this item

  • SIZE: 9x9x3 in. Eco-Friendly Fiber/Bagasse Five Compartment School Trays (pack size of 300).
  • DISPOSABLE: BioGreenChoice Bagasse Trays are the perfect green alternative to disposable paper and plastic trays. These trays are intended for single use, and to be thrown away when finished. They are a great choice for use in a variety of industries, such as: hotels, cafeterias, catered events, parties, homes and more.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Our trays are made from fibers (called bagasse) left behind from sugarcane/plant processing. Bagasse is a sustainable fiber that is a strong, durable alternative to traditional fibers derived from wood. These trays will efficiently biodegrade as opposed to taking up more room in our overflowing landfills for years to come.
  • QUALITY ASSURED: BioGreenChoice Bagasse trays can handle a wide range of temperatures (up to 220°F), which makes them suitable for hot and cold foods. They are soak proof, useful in serving foods with and without sauces. The trays are microwaveable and freezer safe.
  • CERTIFIED FOR FOOD CONTACT: All BioGreenChoice meet the necessary requirements for food contact.