Compostable CPLA  Flatware (Forks/Spoons/Knives) 8 each
Compostable CPLA  Flatware (Forks/Spoons/Knives) 8 each

Compostable CPLA Flatware (Forks/Spoons/Knives) 8 each

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  • 24ct x 20 (480ct)
  • 380ct x 3 (1140ct)

About this item

  • SIZE: 6-inch Compostable CPLA Flatware – Forks, Spoons and Knives (380 pieces per pack).
  • DISPOSABLE: BioGreenChoice cutlery (made from CPLA) is the perfect green alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. This cutlery is a great choice for use in a variety of industries, such as: hotels, cafeterias, catered events, parties, homes and more.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Our cutlery is made from modified Poly Lactic Acid (CPLA), a material developed from cornstarch. CPLA is a sustainable resource that is a strong, durable alternative to traditional plastic. This cutlery will efficiently biodegrade (in commercial facilities) as opposed to taking up more room in our overflowing landfills for years to come.
  • QUALITY ASSURED: BioGreenChoice CPLA cutlery can handle a wide range of temperatures (up to 185oF), which makes it suitable for foods that are both hot and cold. It is strong and sturdy, making it easy to eat a variety of foods.
  • CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE: All BioGreenChoice CPLA products are Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified and meet the necessary requirements for food contact. They also meet the ASTM D6400 standards for compostability- they will degrade in 3 to 6 months in a commercial composting facility.